Tue, 17 Aug 1999 17:08:13 EDT

    Well, if you are looking at the Testor Aztek ones I got some advice for
you, get the sets ones such as 430 set(the one I got) or 470 set, these ones
are good for the amount of $ you spent on them since they comes with
different nozzles and some extras, the one major difference I see b/t the 2
sets are that the 470 comes with 4 nozzles(430 has 3) and the air can hose
adaptator while the 430 doesn't, so if you're going to use air cans with 430
set you need to get the adaptator seperate(about $9.95).

    An airbrush is a long term investment so you definitely want to get a
good one. The cheapest place I found was Pacific
Airbrush(http://www.pacificairbrush.com/) which sold me the 430 set for
around $65(tax included) while the Aztek site had it listed for $99.95.
Pacific Airbrush Also had the 470 set listed for $79 while the Aztek site
list it as $149.

    Of course as Eddie already pointed out, there is that Compressor issue.
The way I see it is that if you're not that serious of a modeler then the
Airbrush is an luxury and the air can will suit you fine when you don't make
too many models. But if you're at least semi-serious and built at least a
good amount of kits per year then you should seriously think about getting
the Air compressor before the Air cans rack up the bills.

    You can check this site for more info on Airbrush

> >i was wondering if anyone could suggest a good airbrush for painting. i was
> >looking at the testors aztek series, and they look nice, but honestly
> >everything looks nice because i have no experience with this kind of
> i
> >dont have very much money to spend (preferably less than $50, definately
> >more tahn $100). so i was wondering if you guys could help me out here.
> >
> >-mike

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