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> The soundtrack CD does NOT contain both the OP and the ED. You missed my
> review of the OST CD. Check the GML archive.
> Much better than all recent Gundam series (X, 08th MS Team, Wing, G, even
> It grew on me pretty quick and became one of the non-U.C. sountrack that I
> actually loved (X was somewhat interesting for me, G was awful, Wing was
> good for the first CD but went downhill with the other 4. 08th MS Team was
> utterly boring).
> Thanks for the info.
> My local store is selling a used copy for like $35. I almost bought it but
> decided I won't have time for other games now that SD G Generation Zero is
> out and I haven't finished Soul Calibur yet either...
> Eddie

    Just got my copy of G-Zero yesterday. Pretty awesome.


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