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<< After deciding how much I love the Zaku and realizing that all these
 years of miniatures gaming have given me a few modeling skills, I have
 decided that I want a Zaku!! I threw together a Panther tank model
 tonight to warm's a good beginner Zaku? I must add that I
 want to model a Zaku from 0079. If I'm not mistaken, the ones used in
 the original raid against Side 7 were Zaku I's? So please suggest a
 model..I saw the recently released Guncannon today, and I read in
 Protoculture addicts that a new Zaku might be coming that the
 one for me? >>

That new Zaku is probably the Zaku III from ZZ Gundam. If you want a OYW
Zaku you should get the new MG MS-05 prototype Zakus. OR if you are willing
to go with a Zaku II there are more options such as the 1/144 scale 08th MS
team Zaku II, the 0080 Zaku IIFZ, or any of the 1/100 scale MG Zaku IIs. And
if you are a glutton for punishment, you can always get the PG Zaku II...


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