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> After deciding how much I love the Zaku and realizing that all
>years of miniatures gaming have given me a few modeling skills, I
>decided that I want a Zaku!! I threw together a Panther tank model
>tonight to warm's a good beginner Zaku? I must add
that I
>want to model a Zaku from 0079. If I'm not mistaken, the ones used
>the original raid against Side 7 were Zaku I's? So please suggest a
>model..I saw the recently released Guncannon today, and I read in
>Protoculture addicts that a new Zaku might be coming that the
>one for me?

Alright man!!! Another Zaku freak!!! IMHO, the only Zaku worth
getting in the 1/144 scale are the 08MST Zaku II and the 0080 Zaku-

As for 1/100, do try the basic MG MS-06J/F before the rest of the
rainbow flavours available in the MG series. There's also Zaku I from
the same series. Never went near them so I can't commend.

For 1/60, the king of the hill is without any doubt the PG Zaku II in
grunt or char flavours. I'm not too sure about the old 1/60 Zaku's
though ... I've seen a few around but never tried them. Does anybody
on the list have them?

The new Zaku to be released is actually the Zaku III. That's from ZZ.
Might be a bit far off from 0079 ...

Jorge Lee.

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