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i think there is a mod chip that can bypass the lockout, i was talking to my
roomate today about it and he said that he did have the chip that could
bypass the lockout and my brother has a copy of the Japanese FF8, that does
work, i actually saw him play it last week.


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> << So did Final Fantasy 8, Bust A Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix, Dino
> Crisis..
> There are plenty of other games that have a lock out to them, but there's
> always a few ways to override them. >>
> i heard that another mod chip can bypass the lock out, is that true? are
> their any other ways of getting pass a lock out? i heard from my firend
> that
> this firend was able to play FF8 by doing something strange. he said he
> burned the CD but he left out one specifc section. i heard that from a
> friend i dont really know what he did but i did see him playing the game.
> he
> recorded the opening and some other FMV's plus some other things. but can
> that actually work?

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