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On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Jim Huang wrote:
> Why have children when you can clone yourselve? See Grim Toto
> in ZZ.

Because making babies is more fun than making clones? :)

Actually, apart from the (at least officially) infertility of the Zabi
family, it is strange that only Dozul was married. Isn't it common that
aristocracts marry early? The only reason to stay single is to dangle out
the bait of marital alliance.

As for Icelina, I think it's very doubtful that she would get any official
title if Garma had lived long enough to take her to space. Imagine young
Garma, who was yet to earn respect around the house, showing a Earthly
tramp, who had an anti-Zeon father no less, to his spaceoid family. If
she was lucky, she could probably be an illegitimate mistress, if she
wasn't, the butler would politely show her the airlock.

I guess that's why Garma was so anxious to make a name for himself killing
Gundam and White Base.

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