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>Is there a review of the 1./100 Nu GUndam kit anywhere? Thought of getting
>it...I heard it has metal parts too.

hmmmm, okay.

It is by far still taller and more massive looking than any MG, except the
Dom and perhaps the upcoming ZZ. To give you an idea, it's a full head
taller than the Zeta.

it has very solid construction, but this is due in part to the fact that it
has no internal detail stuff.

it comes with the bazooka (pretty big and nice), a rifle, two BIG sabres,
an extra beam sabre hilt to be stored at the left forearm, the shield
(which has a cannon in it), and has a big cockpit. also has translucent
eyes. of course, it has the fin fannels.

the metallic parts, if I remember, are the hip joints and the lower leg
internal areas ( i know, I said it had no internal detail, but those leg
weights were molded to have internal detail...but you can't and won't see
them anyway when the kit is fully assembled. it acts like an internal leg
block to join the knee and the ankles...basically the foreleg.)

GET IT. it is worth every single penny/dollar. whatever.

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