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>Isn't it strange that of 4 Zabi children of Degin Zabi, only Dozul managed
>to leave heirs behind.


> He none the less managed to
>produced the only heir to the Zabi family.

A key word here is "heir" -- we don't know how many illegitimate children
Giren or Dozul or even Garma may have had. Kishiria, due to the double
standard, was not free to indulge the privileges of her rank and title. We
also don't know much about Sasuro, the son in between Giren and Dozul who
was assassinated in UC 0069 at the age of 22.

What's interesting is that Degin didn't follow the usual aristocratic
practice of selecting consorts for his children. Dozul's relationship with
Xena Kirov appears to have been a love match and Garma was clearly smitten
with Icelina Eschoinbach. While we know next to nothing about Xena Zabi's
lineage, Icelina was the daughter of a puppet governor in occupied New
York, not the best match in political terms for the youngest son of the
Archduke of Zeon.

We don't know but that Giren might've had some plans to establish his own
dynasty just as soon as he got rid of his old man and established himself
firmly as Archduke. Giren could wait ten years before starting a family
and still have the line of succession for his offspring. He could, indeed,
name an heir in an entirely different bloodline and disinherit all of his
junior kin, although it would probably ensure civil war, given the likes of
Kishiria in the family tree.

And, of course, we still don't know what actually became of Mineva Lao
Zabi, since the only claimant to that name turned out to be a double.


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