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> I think it's now a question of the limits of material technology. polycap
> plastic can only grip so much before wear and tear happens...and the same
> thing goes for the actual plastic, which can only be so light and be
> durable....etc. So, I think that we are now coming to another limit in
> desgning kits...because the MG line has proven that there are many ways to
> yet improve upon construction design.

Yep, I noticed that, too. I like model kits, but some mecha, like the Zeta
Gundam or ZZ, would work better as a toy probably, since most toys are made
to play with. I wounder how a PG Zeta Gundam will hold up? My old HG Zeta
Gundam, I had to glue it in MS mode so it would stay together good. It was
molded in a horriable green tinted white, too.


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