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Isn't it strange that of 4 Zabi children of Degin Zabi, only Dozul managed
to leave heirs behind. I can understand why Giren never got around to get
an heir (heirs are dangerious things, witness how he himself displaced his
father) and besides he is far too busy running the Dukedom to be bog down
with a family. Garma IS trying to marry Icelina Eschonbach, but that didn't
exactly pan out. Likewise Kishiria is likely to be far too busy to be bog
down with a family seeing that she is running Mobile Assault Force & various
scientific research labs & bases. That leaves us with Dozul Zabi, who is a
classical front-line general like Alexander the Great. Not content with
just leading his troops from the safety of a command ship or Solomon, he
frequently went into combat in Mobile Suit & later Mobile Armor. I supposed
that unlike his older brother, he believe in "I won't order you to do what I
won't do myself" kind of command style. He none the less managed to
produced the only heir to the Zabi family.

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