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>The 100 Shiki should have good articulation because it is such a boney suit,
>but I doubt you'll get much articulation from the ZZ due to compromises that
>must be made for transformation purposes. While the HCM is a solid toy, I
>think the MG probably won't offer any radical improvements over the design.

I expect the ZZ to have the same movement limitations as the Zeta, perhaps
with even more limitations in the legs, owing to the reverse flip
transformation the ZZ goes through...i would expect some level of good
articulation from the arms though, as well as the neck area. I just wish
the ZZ was a FAZZ. One big improvement that they could probably have is
the development of the polycap joining systems like in the
g-defensor...they'll need sturdy locking systems for the zz considering
size and probable kit weight of each segment...

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