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>Yes. The 3rd disc is broken down to 2 parts:
>I Blood of Zeon (the Japanese title is better translated as Zeon's
> Lineage) - featuring 5 sub-parts:

It's blood in the sense of bloodline, but that also includes matrimonial
kin, so in that sense it's the sept (clan or tribe) or kin (stock or breed)
of the Zeon nation. I'd translate it as "House of Zeon".

> - Ma Kube's (they spelled it as something like M'Ouve)

I can't find it now, but one of my recently acquired reference books gave
it as "M'Quvie" -- maybe that's going to be the official Romanization now.

> - MSM-04N Agguguy (or something like that) - one of the 4
> unused designs for the amphibious suits from the original
> series, it's the one with 2 whips on each hand and a huge,
> fly-like mono-eye. The voice actor for this one is
> hilarious.

This is usually rendered as "Acguy" and the standard model has a 6-tube
rocket launcher in place of its left hand and is otherwise equipped with
four 105mm Vulcan guns and a mega-particle cannon (also in the left arm, as
I recall). A retcon of the MSM-04 Acguy recently appeared in O8th MS Team.
 The MSM-04M model is from the MS-X line and is equipped with four heat
rods (two on each hand) and two 105mm Vulcan guns.

> - MS-13 (forgot the name) basically a beefed up Zugock that
> was abandoned because Zeon was driven off earth and there
> was no longer a need for amphibious suits. This one had
> claws on both hands but for some reason could hold a bigass
> gun that shoots out a spiked ball (like the Gundam hammer)

That's the Gasshia from the MS-X line and the weapon's called a hammergun.
The MS-13 Gasshia is also equipped with two 180mm quad missile launchers
for a total of eight 180mm missiles.


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