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>Since one does not exist, how can he claim that it does not work in reality?
>That's why I asked what was his basis in claiming the PSX2 does not work
>in reality, because he sounded like he's seen the prototype/production unit

            It exists, it's just that the casing hasn't been revealed to
the public. Developers have had the hardware for months now. It's going
to be revealed at the fall Tokyo Show on Sept. 17th.
           The release date for Japan is December 3rd, at a price of
39,800 yen. It won't have the modem built in (it'll be a peripheral) but
will play dvd's and be completely backwards capatible. Three of the six
games being released simultaniously with the system are Tekken 4, Gran
Turismo 2, and A-Train 6 ( a train sim).
           I am a big fan of sony, and hell they make better systems, but
I still will buy a Dreamcast. Why? Because it'll be a year until the
american release of PS2. And that's reason enough. And the rumors about
it not working were started by a bunch of N64 fans a while back. I don't
know why people still want to believe that.

    - Mr. Nice Guy

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