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>>The 2 x cdrom "G-Zero" set is currently selling at
>>US$55.00 in Hong Kong, so US$70.00 in North America is
>>a reasonable price when it hits the American shore.
>>- Nightingale -
>I also read that it came with a third disk that had demos and such. Is that

Yes. The 3rd disc is broken down to 2 parts:

I Blood of Zeon (the Japanese title is better translated as Zeon's
         Lineage) - featuring 5 sub-parts:
        1 Opening title 3D CGI FMV (see my other post) integrated with
                cel animation when the spotlight is on the characters
        2 MS Gallery (see my other post, they feature mostly MS NOT
                from the Saturn version, what I remembered include:
                - Garma Zabi's MS-06S Zaku II
                - Ma Kube's (they spelled it as something like M'Ouve)
                  MS-07B Gouf
                - MSM-04N Agguguy (or something like that) - one of the 4
                  unused designs for the amphibious suits from the original
                  series, it's the one with 2 whips on each hand and a huge,
                  fly-like mono-eye. The voice actor for this one is
                - MS-13 (forgot the name) basically a beefed up Zugock that
                  was abandoned because Zeon was driven off earth and there
                  was no longer a need for amphibious suits. This one had
                  claws on both hands but for some reason could hold a bigass
                  gun that shoots out a spiked ball (like the Gundam hammer)
                - Ramba Ral's YMS-14 Gelgoog (1 of the 25 prototypes)
                - Black Tri-Stars' high mobility MS-14B Gelgoog (ROCKS!)
                - Cima's MS-14Fs Gelgoog Marine Custom
                - GP-02A Nuclear Gundam (man, people have a fetish for it)
                - AMX-02 Neue Ziel
                - Asparas II
        3 MS Demonstration (visuals only, no sound) - basically an
                edited clip from the intro movie that cuts out the cel
                animation, goes without the audio track, and focus only on
                the Jaburo invasion led by the GP-02A, culminating in the
                GP-02A's nuking Jaburo. The Doms that appear here appear to
                be a new design a bore a closer resemblance to the Dom Tropen
                than the original Dom.
        4 Report on UC 0079 (big disappointment - this is the long cel
                animation played when you start a new campaign on the Saturn
                version, nothing new here)
        5 Art Gallery (see my other post, a 3 illustration "gallery",

II Upcoming New Releases (see my other post, most games are non-playable
        except for the first one, which has a guy running around setting off
        bombs. I loved its sleek interface. Most of these games are 3Q or
        4Q releases for 1999, so I believe the reprints of SD G Generation 0
        will not have this 3rd disc.

A pack of limited edition trading cards also came with the game (folded
inside the FAT manual), which I doubt will be included in future reprints.

>BTW, has anyone played this game? It looks alot like the old genesis
>game called herzog zwei. If it is anything like zwei then it is a must buy.

I haven't played it yet (the demo just kept going and going with new crap!
It lasted for like an eternity showcasing every SD G Gundam, grrrrrrr) but
it should be close enough to SD G Generation. Dunno anything about Zwei,


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