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>Nor do I own a Sega Saturn console for its Gundam game
>"Giren's Greed". Oh well, we can have everything in
>the world, can we? :) but i wish all the nice PS and
>SS games will get a PC treatment someday.
>- Nightingale -

The only game that saw conversion to home computers was
Gundam 0079: War for Earth, but I think that has more
to do with the fact that the game was originally developed
by an American company for the PowerMac. It was supposed to
be a Pippin game but since the console died, Bandai ported
it for release on the PlayStation in Japan, and for its
US distribution the game was shipped on Mac/Wintel hybrid

Since most of these anime franchise games were designed to
work with the system's specific hardware, they rarely get ported.
Due to the time required to port a game to a different system,
most don't get ported because by the time a port is released,
the anime show's popularity has already declined. Giren's Greed
was an exception because the Saturn was pretty dead when the game
came out, I guess Bandai had to recoup their R&D costs, not to
mention the game is not based on a current anime but a classic that
is more popular than ever, so they didn't have to worry about

I was not too impressed with the CG models they did though, they
look very dated (circa Mobility Fleet/MS Gundam Ver 2.0) and could
be simplification done for the sake of the graphical capabilities
of the PSX. The cool part of the MS Gallery in the demo disc that
came with SD G Generation Zero was that each special MS has the
appropriate characters (Gato speaking for GP-02A, Delaz speaking for
the Neue Ziel, Aina and her brother speaking for the Asparas II, Cima
for her Gelgoog Marine, etc.) doing the explanation (talk about job
security for Gundam voice characters...) and this hopefully will be
incorporated into the PSX port (the Saturn version doesn't really
showcase the CG models of mobile suits like this). Now I kinda wished
they had ported it to the Dreamcast instead, with better graphics and
hopefully a "sequel" with vast improvements instead of an enhanced port.

Oh yeah... more more thing... there appears to be no stats for the
Asparas II. Everything was listed as "??", so whatever stats exist
out there could be inaccurate, otherwise they would have listed them in
the demo.


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