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> Sorry about that last post..
>> I thought I had a bum disc, but maybe Namco was using some kind of audio
>> streaming routine that forces the drive to go back and forth between data
>> files and the audio stream, thus the ugly noise. None of my other games
>> (The House of the dead 2, Dynamite Cop 2, Frame Gride) do that. I hope the
>> game doesn't wear out the drive, because I play it so much!
> That could be it.. BTW, how's Frame Gride?

It's basically a new game in an Armored Core engine/format, set in a
medieval-looking environment (the mecha are basically knights, right down
the the melee weapons used) with fantasy elements (the mechas can use magic
for their attacks, but I think the magical ability needs to be earned).
Graphically it is superior to the Armored Core games, but I am still trying
to get used to the idea of mecha knights (it didn't sound so bizarre until
you actually start playing). I will probably end up selling the game since
I will be spending more time playing Soul Caliber and G Generation Zero.
Anyone interested please e-mail me privately.

>> Eddie
>> PS Really off topic now, but were you able to get more than 5 characters in
>> Exhibition Mode? I haven't unlocked all the goodies yet.
> I was able to get all the goodies in museum mode. ^_^ If you need help or
>something, e-mail me off the list, and i'll be happy to help.
> ~Gokou

I just need to rack up the points... the game's pretty easy, I love it.

Just got G Generation Zero yesterday, I think the 3rd disc (full of demos)
only comes with the first print edition (as well as some trading cards).
The coolest part was the PSX edition of Giren's Ambition, they called it
Blood of Zeon IIRC. The MS Gallery rocked, as well as a newly rendered 3D
CGI FMV intro featuring Gato's GP-02A leading the Doms wrecking havoc in
Jaburo and downing the White Base while they were at it. What sucked was
a section called "Report of UC 0079" which was an identical cel animation
taken from the Saturn game with nothing new added, and the "Art Gallery" was
just 3 illustrated painting of the cover of the Saturn game, the companion
disc, and one of Giren and his secretary. The game looks to be a port with
some new additions instead of a sequel with vast improvements.

On that 3rd disc there were also demos of Aura Battler Dunbine (looked lame),
Gasaraki (looks cool, the AI will learn with your moves and it looks like a
more tactical/RPG type of game instead of mecha action), and other new games
from Bandai.


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