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    Sorry about that last post..

> I thought I had a bum disc, but maybe Namco was using some kind of audio
> streaming routine that forces the drive to go back and forth between data
> files and the audio stream, thus the ugly noise. None of my other games
> (The House of the dead 2, Dynamite Cop 2, Frame Gride) do that. I hope the
> game doesn't wear out the drive, because I play it so much!

    That could be it.. BTW, how's Frame Gride?
> Eddie
> PS Really off topic now, but were you able to get more than 5 characters in
> Exhibition Mode? I haven't unlocked all the goodies yet.

    I was able to get all the goodies in museum mode. ^_^ If you need help or
something, e-mail me off the list, and i'll be happy to help.


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