Casey Huebner (
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 18:00:41 CDT

> >
> ><< So... you have actually played the production model? As far as I know
> >does not even exist yet. What is the basis of your claim? >>
> >
> >we have a demo version of the american dreamcast in our store and though
> >have not tried playing any saturn games, we've been told by many that it
> >backwards compatible.
>I was referring to the PSX2. You said it sounded good on paper but in
>reality it doesn't work.

He hasent played one because one does not exist. That is why it sounds good
on paper but in reality it doesn't work. So far all they have done is told
us what they would like to do, but as for now they havent given us anything.

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