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>so...from what i gather, the problems with MK-II are circumstantial?
>that is, loose joints and the like depend on the kit you happen to buy?

        It *might* be circumstantial, but I doubt it. Most of Bandai's newer
kits normally doesn't have the problem you mentioned; in fact, I've only
experience that with a 1/144 GM Command(o), but that was my fault.

        The problems the Eddie highlighted seems to be inherent to the kit.
It might be that Eddie moved/ repose the Mk. II very often, and that loosen
the joints. I don't really move the model much (no time to do nuts
nowadays), so some of his problems might decend on me in the future. =)

>i'm no big fan of bazookas, so i probably won't even snap them off. :P

        I'm no fan too, but after buying so many kits, I've ran out of
places to but the model boxes, so I need to throw the spruce away -- and
throwing away parts seems a bit insane to me. =)

>in gundam i look for "solid" (a loaded word) and no-nonsense designs. the
>gpo2 is a bit TOO solid for my tastes. it's downright fat...:P

        LOL! The GP-02 seems a bit too thin in areas (the arms) and too fat
in others..

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