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>> I live in perpetual fear that the V-fin will break. =) Lucky the kit
>>has a spare.
>I think the spare was provided for people who paint their kits. Wasn't the
>V-fin molded in softer material, like PVC or vinyl?

        Yes, the spare requires painting to make it fit the kit, but having
it as a spare is still a good idea. As for the material, well, it *could* be
another material, but it sure feels flimsy to me.

>Yeah. The MG Dom really raises the standard on the MG kits in a big way...

        I hope the Dom improvements carries over to the NT-1. That's one MG
that I'll definitely get.

>Mine doesn't really slide - it drops on the heavy (rear) side like an
>unbalanced scale. I had to push the bazooka all the way to one side in
>order to counterbalance the rear end's mass.

        Same idea here, but mine just slide along the mount until it drops
as you describe. Still, as a static display, it works pretty well..
Incidentally, can the Super carry the bazooka there?

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