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>In a message dated 8/14/99 8:02:48 PM, gundam@loop.com writes:
><< So... you have actually played the production model? As far as I know it
>does not even exist yet. What is the basis of your claim? >>
>we have a demo version of the american dreamcast in our store and though we
>have not tried playing any saturn games, we've been told by many that it is
>backwards compatible.

I was referring to the PSX2. You said it sounded good on paper but in
reality it doesn't work.

As for the Dreamcast being backwards compatible, I know the Japanese version
is not. Rarely do I see an American version of a Japanese product getting
an upgrade, except for the game Tenchu. When they released VCD-compatible
PSX in Asia, we never even got it.

>also, hollywood video was given a bunch of systems and
>games in advance for rental only. as for the DVD thing that everyone is
>saying will make psx2 better than dcast, sega officially announced there will
>be a dvd upgrade available in the future. and the basis of my claim for the
>saturn compatibility was my coworker telling me that that is the only reason
>he was buying it. however, after doing a little researching, i found some
>dissettling news for him (and all the people we told this to). sega says in
>their official news site (www.segaweb.com):
>Q. Can I play my Saturn games on my Dreamcast?
>A. Yes and no. The two aren't compatible, but there is an adapter in the
>works (called a SatCast), that works much like the Genesis/SMS adapter. This
>could be a big selling point for a lot of parents who bought their kid(s)
>so, there ya have it.

I suppose that's a good reason to get rid of your Saturn console, but damn
is the Dreamcast drive noisy. It is especially noisy with Soulcalibur
for some reason, I don't know if anyone else had the same problem.


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