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<< So... you have actually played the production model? As far as I know it
does not even exist yet. What is the basis of your claim? >>

we have a demo version of the american dreamcast in our store and though we
have not tried playing any saturn games, we've been told by many that it is
backwards compatible. also, hollywood video was given a bunch of systems and
games in advance for rental only. as for the DVD thing that everyone is
saying will make psx2 better than dcast, sega officially announced there will
be a dvd upgrade available in the future. and the basis of my claim for the
saturn compatibility was my coworker telling me that that is the only reason
he was buying it. however, after doing a little researching, i found some
dissettling news for him (and all the people we told this to). sega says in
their official news site (
Q. Can I play my Saturn games on my Dreamcast?
A. Yes and no. The two aren't compatible, but there is an adapter in the
works (called a SatCast), that works much like the Genesis/SMS adapter. This
could be a big selling point for a lot of parents who bought their kid(s)
so, there ya have it.


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