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Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> > > Okay, so you were thinking that whoever ran the site became a Silhouette fan?
> > Exactally.
> Ah, now I see. That may be the case, I tried to get a response from the
> maintainer of the new site regarding its former status, but to no avail. Of course,
> it
> would be very curious if it was and still is run by Benjamin Wright, who worked
> on Mekton Zeta for RTG. Personally, I prefer Mekton since you can run it better
> as a non-board game -- I cant anticipate having enough models to do otherwise,
> nor would I want to limit my players and scenarios to the ones I do have, never
> mind scale diff b/w my 1/100 MG and 1/144 regular models...
> Neil
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If it was Ben, I'd be extremely suprised by the changeover then.

Christopher Beilby

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