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>I built the Mk II a while back, and do not have any problems with loose
>joints. However, I did not build the bazooka, or add any of the rifle
>to the shield. I have had much more trouble with my Zeta MG kit. on the
>Zeta, the left arm definitly cannot hold the shield upright (both the
>shoulder and the forearm begin to tilt as soon as I try to pose the left
>arm). The ball and socket joints on the upper arm also drives me crazy -
>prefer the upper arm (and shoulder) of the Mk II. finally, I hate the ball
>& sockets in the hands of the Zeta - its much harder to keep the fingers in
>position. The right hand by itself can no longer hold the beam rifle by
>itself unless I wedge the back of the rifle under the armpit.

It's the engineering evolution of MGs.

In design hierarchy of MGs, the Zeta is a third original design, coming
after the RX-78-2 and Zaku II variants, though it may not be the third kit
chronologically. So, what happended with Zeta? Zeta is a rather
complicated design to begin with. The earlier, non graded kits got away
with doing Zeta because it didn't have to pay too much attention to the
innards. However, with the MGs, they not only have to contend with
transformation design/movable frame, but also with some mechanical details a
la RX-78-2.

I wonder if they worked out all the kinks yet?

The arm assembly found on zeta is somewhat more natural vs others like
Rx-78-2 or RX-178, or rather, it's more human like to be more precise. That
included right down to the fingers, which was a grivence of mine.

Furthermore, the transformation sequence is faithful to the one shown in
Anime, right down to the shield. On top of that, they included the hyper
blaster with the beam rifle, etc. etc. etc.

What is this ramblin mean?

Well, I can tell you I still haven't found another kit (short of PGs) that
rival the engineering found on Zeta Gundam MG. There are few bad design
point, but ask anyone, and you'll find a slew of bad points on a lot of
kits. No kit after all is perfect.

In short, Bandai was getting the kinks out with the MG line, and Zeta is an
interesting look at the evolution of MG kits.

Y. Choe

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