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>Oops, my mistake, I was thinking of the Lawrence of Arabia era. I forgot
>the Philipines weren't always Catholic, duh!
>Thanks for the history lesson. I never quite think of the Americans as
>CHIN, Chien Ting

        It's a sad truth, but much of native philippine culture has been pushed
aside in favor of American culture...there was a time when speaking
Filipino in the classrooms was punishable corporally. and then ther is
that fact that certain treaty provisions in the past granted more rights to
american interests than native ones. another one is the new Visiting
forces agreement, which virtually insures that any US serviceman caught
committing a crime on philippine soil will NOT be tried for the crime, but
rather be "repatriated" back to his ship, to face justice there -- which
ignores soveriegnty. why did my government accept this? because the US
made a few "statements" that they might not be able to protect the
Philippines from big bad China, as well as the fact that major US investors
and companies might not like a bad employment and travel advisory from the
US embassy, and pull out from the Philippines altogether.
        Aye well. Actually, it reminds me of some of the politics inherent in the
gundam world.

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