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>somewhere in an sf91 thread, a few folks talked about the valkyrie kits. i
>was disgruntled at the 1/72 kit, but wasn't aware of a 1/100 kit (never saw
>any around in the stores). can someone fill me in on the 1/100 kits? snap
>on or glue? transformable or not? part-swapping for transformation needed?
> how about the colors? are they still available? or are these particular
>1/100 kits the ones that are being sold for 15th anniv that don't transform?
>(i feel cheated by non transformable ones...specially the rubbery 15th anniv
>issues. *grumble*)
>i've never seen any destroid kits either. (toys, yes; kits no.)
>never seen battlepod kits either. only female power armor kit.
>i think i'm missing out a lot by not shopping online...:\

check out greenhills, dude. there are a lot of the kits you mentioned in
them stores...although the destroids admittedly are in short supply...I
have four I think, which means MAC II though, dang!

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