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> Damn, I remember when the MG Zeta first came out it was everyone's favorite.
> Now everyone hates it. I even got one on eBay for below the cost. Looks
> like Bandai did lose money on this kit after all.
> Eddie

    Heh, maybe it was everyone's favorite because they didn't wanna admit
that they wasted money on such a peice of junk! Not putting words in anyones
mouth, but I know when I buy something crappy for more than 20 bucks, I go
into denial. "What're ya talking about? This game don't suck, it rocks!"
Anyway.. Even though Bandai did lose money, I hope they realize that the Zeta
_is_ a kickass design.. I hope they try to make another Master Grade of it,
even though the PG is probably gonna be the best damn thing ever.


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