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Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> > Uh, what's that got to do with the price of tea in China? I must be missing
> > something. I believe that the site was run by someone different from the new site
> > user (its on Geocities). I dont see what that would have to do with DP9.
> I hope I wasnt too blunt, didnt quite mean it that way. I just didnt get the relation,
> could you (Chris)/somebody explain it to me?
> Neil
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As you pointed out, the original Gundam site there was done for Mekton.
However, it seems that a lot of Shillouette fans, for some odd reason,
look down their noses at Mekton, despite the fact that Jovian Chronicles
started out as a Mekton setting...

Christopher Beilby

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