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>And you also mentioned
>about psx2 and the emotion engine. psx2 is a lot like communism. It looks
>great on paper, but when you try it for real, it falls apart. the "working"
>model they had at e3 was *not* psx2. it was a pentium computer running psx2.
>all of their attempts at making it run on its own have either melted or just
>plain not worked. dont get me wrong, ill shell out the estimated $440-$600
>for it, but it better not burn my house down.

       Actually The PS2 demo were played on a laptop because in the last
minute they decided not to display the actual unit itself. And the rumor
about them not being able to make it work is just that, a rumor. What
they had a problem with is the set of lasers that they needed to run both
dvd's and cd's, but because it's sony, they designed a single laser that
could pull it off twice as fast.
       And sony just said in a press release that it'll be released in
Japan by December-January for around 40,000 yen, and it'll be released in
the fall in the US.

    - Mr. Nice Guy

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