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>In a message dated 8/14/99 8:43:16 AM, cmaster@ucla.edu writes:
><< The Question is, why no PC Gundam games? Or where there some that bliped
>under the radar so to speak? And further more, can this Gundam Gaiden be
>ported to PC soon, seeing as how DCast uses WinCE and DirectX for underlying
>OS and development/interface respectively? Mmm... Dreamcast... Me, I'm
>getting it for VOOT, among others. >>
>I doubt it, unless you were to get a different drive for your computer, since
>the Dreamcast is using double density discs (it's called GD-ROM).

Like any game is even taking up half of its capacity. Most games I have
pack way less than 1/4 of the disc's room.

>that's true. I looked it up on my computer at work and Mobile Fleet 0079 was
>delisted, but not deleted. That means that there's probably a few copies
>floating around at some Babbage's or Software Etc.

Mobile Fleet 0079 was never released in the U.S., you need to order it from
Japan. Maybe Bandai intended to bring it out in the U.S. at one time, but
obvious it fell through because how 0079: War for Earth sucked so bad, both
as a game and a market performer.

>Also, another Dreamcast note: it's going to be backwards compatible with
>Saturn, so if anyone has Saturn games, you'll be able to play them. They'll
>still look the same, but they'll load a lot faster. And you also mentioned
>about psx2 and the emotion engine. psx2 is a lot like communism. It looks
>great on paper, but when you try it for real, it falls apart.

So... you have actually played the production model? As far as I know it
does not even exist yet. What is the basis of your claim?

>the "working"
>model they had at e3 was *not* psx2. it was a pentium computer running psx2.
>all of their attempts at making it run on its own have either melted or just
>plain not worked. dont get me wrong, ill shell out the estimated $440-$600
>for it, but it better not burn my house down.

As far as I know Sony is still working on the console itself, it is still
in the development phase although much of the research is done.

><<Hmm, where did you hear that from? A reliable source I hope. Bandai only
>released one Gundam game in the U.S. and it did so bad they ended up giving
>them away for free; having been burnt I don't really see them too eager to
>try again.>>
>i read it in gamer's republic, i think. they just had a little blurb on it,
>and it said there was an undetermined release date.

I hope it's not a fanboy's wishful rumor... it will be cool if it really
does come out.


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