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> Does anyone have any information on the SD G-Zero
> plastic kits? I
> wandered into my local shop for the first time in a
> month or so and they
> had a whole bunch of these little dudes; the box is
> MG-ish (except, of
> course, very small). When did they come out? (The
> [c] is 1999) I know
> about the BB Senshi line, but I'm pretty sure these
> aren't them...

The G-Zero model kit series were out about a month
ago, they were released in lieu with the "SD Gundam
G-Generation Zero", the red-hot PlayStation game just
recently released in Japan (it arrives in Hong Kong
just a couple of days ago). The G-Zero series also
update the original SD "BB Senshi" kits, w/ more
weapons/conversion parts and features mechas not cover
by the original releases. Take G-Zero's Kampfer kit,
for example, it's modelled directly from the CD image
from the game, plus its weapon now includes
chain-mines, which is not available from the original
BB Senshi Kampfer kit.

> Oh, and the Alex's gun fires, too. I accidentally
> shot my fiancee. =)

Hope she didn't strike back w/ a beam sabre :)

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