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>so...from what i gather (from eddie, peng soon wang and lim jyue), the
>problems with MK-II are circumstantial? that is, loose joints and the like
>depend on the kit you happen to buy? (seems to be a problem with polycaps
>then? it might be loose for one arm, but a tight fit on the other
>arm...i've had a few of those..)

I doubt it. I will try and put the shield on the other arm and see if
the same problem occurs. Chances are it will. I really think they
engineered the mecha by itself, and the weapons were more of an afterthought
instead of an integrated solution.

>i'm no big fan of bazookas, so i probably won't even snap them off. :P
>i usually pose/play the kits with rifle and saber with shield combo anyway.
>and since 1/100 kits are, to me, strictly display-only, the problems that
>eddie and lim jyue encounter may not crop up with me (hopefully?). for
>playing with the kits, that's what 1/144 scale is for :)

I don't know why you restrict yourself to only displaying the 1:100 kits,
for me if it's a plastic injection kit, it should be playable. You want a
real display piece, get a garage kit.

>i also considered the gpo1-fb, but i heard that the core fighter makes it
>kinda fragile? right along with the zeta?

It is kinda fragile, but not as bad as the Mk-II.

>in gundam i look for "solid" (a loaded word) and no-nonsense designs. the
>gpo2 is a bit TOO solid for my tastes. it's downright fat...:P

Then the Zaku II is right for you.

>well, if i get the MK-II, it's gonna be a first MG for me (i don't paint,
>hehe) should be tons of fun >:]

Unfortunately there is some painting required for the Mk-II, plus the
crazy panel lines will keep you busy for a while.


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