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> True revolution will come with the release of the PSX2, which will introduce
> the concept of "Emotion Engine" that incorporates facial expression as an
> integral part of the character model (many games are still using just one
> bitmap texture for the character's face). Dreamcast is just the most
> up graphics cruncher based on the same technology as the PSX and N64. Not
> that I am complaining, heck, I've been addicted to Soul Calibur, which
> really
> shows off the system's power. But the game is still Tekken with weapons
> at its gut.

I was wondering how Soul Calibur was. PS2 will be awesome, I am wanting a
Dreamcast badly, because of the games, like Soul Caliber, Power Stone, Street
Fighter III, and all the other great games in the works. PS2 will have great
games, too. I have doubts in Nintendo, though. Where's Metroid 64, you know?
I like Nintendo games, but my N64 collects dust, for months, until a game
like Zelda, Perfect Dark, etc. comes out. It just puzzles me immensaly that
there's not Metroid for the N 64. I loved Metroid a lot, it was a great game
on NES and SNES.


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