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> I built the Mk II a while back, and do not have any problems with loose
> joints. However, I did not build the bazooka, or add any of the rifle
> to the shield. I have had much more trouble with my Zeta MG kit. on the
> Zeta, the left arm definitly cannot hold the shield upright (both the
> shoulder and the forearm begin to tilt as soon as I try to pose the left
> arm). The ball and socket joints on the upper arm also drives me crazy -
> prefer the upper arm (and shoulder) of the Mk II. finally, I hate the ball
> & sockets in the hands of the Zeta - its much harder to keep the fingers in
> position. The right hand by itself can no longer hold the beam rifle by
> itself unless I wedge the back of the rifle under the armpit.
> Anyone agree?

    Oh yeah, definitely. I love my Mk. II [Maybe it's because I don't do much
posing with it] and comparing it to the Zeta only makes me love it more. I
_despise_ the Zeta. It always drops it's beam rifle through those stupidly
articulated hands, it has no freaking' prayer when it comes to holding the
Hyper Mega Launcher, its arms and wings are floppy, etc etc.. Geez,
sometimes, I hate myself for shelling out the cash to buy the damn thing..
But then again, I'm probably overreacting. I hope the Hyaku-Shiki won't have
problems holding the Mega Bazooka Launcher.


> Phil

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