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> Probably not. From what I've seen of the few clips and such, it seems to
> share a bit with the Blue Destiny Games on Saturn (pretty good games but
> quite short)...

    Yep, looks like almost a twin of the Blue Destiny games.

> The Question is, why no PC Gundam games? Or where there some that bliped
> under the radar so to speak? And further more, can this Gundam Gaiden be
> ported to PC soon, seeing as how DCast uses WinCE and DirectX for
> OS and development/interface respectively? Mmm... Dreamcast... Me, I'm
> getting it for VOOT, among others.

    Like what Eddie said about porting not being a big hit, and what Mike
said about the GD-ROM thing. Don't count on a PC port. For something _kinda_
close, try Heavy Gear II, or maybe Shogo Mobile Armor Division. VO:OT.. Wow.
Can't wait.


> Y. "" Choe

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