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14 Aug 99 20:41:41 SGT

<<< Edward Ju <> wrote:

Mine came down as soon as I attached the shield to the arm (the shield had
two rifle clips on it, too). Keep in mind that the Mk-II had been built
since it was released and the shield wasn't added until yesterday.

Your joints were tight? So the side skirt armor does not fall off when
clips or rifles go on them, and the hands don't pop off easily? What
about the headset, or the backpack?


the shield in my MkII contains two rifle clips too... and it seems that only
the LEFT arm has the problem, the right arm is TIGHT! :) also, i am in
malaysia now, a hot and humid country, maybe the plastic has expanded? cuz
where i put the MkII now is near the window (but not directly under the sun).
but i can say the headset WAS loose, for sure! when i first finished building
the Super Gundam, the headset, try as i may, cannot fit into the head. well,
when i tried to put it on TODAY, it fits! before today, the headset was in a
cool storage area for weeks. this further proves the wheather plays a part in
this matter...

hope this clearify things a bit...

peng soon

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