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<< sorry to bring up an old off topic.
 i was being a good newbie, doing my homework (hehe), and rummaging through
 the march mailing list archives...
 somewhere in an sf91 thread, a few folks talked about the valkyrie kits. i
 was disgruntled at the 1/72 kit, but wasn't aware of a 1/100 kit (never saw
 any around in the stores). can someone fill me in on the 1/100 kits? snap
 on or glue? transformable or not? part-swapping for transformation needed?
   how about the colors? are they still available? or are these particular
 1/100 kits the ones that are being sold for 15th anniv that don't transform?
 (i feel cheated by non transformable ones...specially the rubbery 15th anniv
 issues. *grumble*)

There is a 1/100 series of transformable Valkyries. They require swap-outs
like the 1/72 and the Landing gear don't retract like the 1/72. They just
swap out with the running lights in a peg system. The cool thing about the
1/100 is that the majority are all Super Valkyries. I happen to have a super
VF-1S from the Macross:DYRL movie. One thing thought is all Macross kits,
well lets just say original Macross kits, not M7 kits, require glue, except
for the 1/200 scale Nichimo models. If you want a real turd burglar though,
get the old transforming Macross II valkyrie. It is really a pain, even
though it is snap together.
 i've never seen any destroid kits either. (toys, yes; kits no.)
 never seen battlepod kits either. only female power armor kit.
 i think i'm missing out a lot by not shopping online...:\
Well I have seen and owned a few Destroid and Battle Pod kits, so they do


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