garrick lee (
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 18:47:31 PHT

so...from what i gather (from eddie, peng soon wang and lim jyue), the
problems with MK-II are circumstantial? that is, loose joints and the like
depend on the kit you happen to buy? (seems to be a problem with polycaps
then? it might be loose for one arm, but a tight fit on the other
arm...i've had a few of those..)

i'm no big fan of bazookas, so i probably won't even snap them off. :P
i usually pose/play the kits with rifle and saber with shield combo anyway.
and since 1/100 kits are, to me, strictly display-only, the problems that
eddie and lim jyue encounter may not crop up with me (hopefully?). for
playing with the kits, that's what 1/144 scale is for :)

i also considered the gpo1-fb, but i heard that the core fighter makes it
kinda fragile? right along with the zeta? when it comes to gundam kits,
i'm not too much into transformation -- i look for mechamorphosis in
macross, heh. not to mention that the transformations in gundam are kinda
forced (waverider and wing gundam come to mind), where the robot form comes
first and foremost, and transforms into something else later, nevermind how
geeky the form looks. (whereas it's the other way around in macross - sleek
fighters, and geeky battloids).

in gundam i look for "solid" (a loaded word) and no-nonsense designs. the
gpo2 is a bit TOO solid for my tastes. it's downright fat...:P

i found the rxf-91, f-91 and f-90 to be overcluttered with accessories,
though i like them lots (why are there hazard signs all over them? have they
gone crazy or what?). and my fancy settled for the MK-II. personally, i
like it's proportions better than the classic rx-78.

well, if i get the MK-II, it's gonna be a first MG for me (i don't paint,
hehe) should be tons of fun >:]


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