Peng Soon Wong (
14 Aug 99 18:08:41 SGT

hello Edward...

Edward Ju <> wrote:

> - Bazooka:
> The Mk-II couldn't really rest the barrel of the bazooka on its shoulder

yup, that i agree, the bazooka and the clip should be better designed... :(

> - Shield:
> This kit has some of MG GP-02A's "heavy shield" problem. The shield

err, not entirely true, mine did not came down at all until i decide to open
the chest to paint the interior area... bad idea! when i reattach the arms
back, it could not hold on much longer then before...

> - Beam saber storage:
> - Headset vulcan:
> - LOOSE joints all over:

the joints (at least the kit i have) were not loose, they are pretty tight.
with some flaws asides, overall the Mk-II is above average... get it if you
can... :)

that's all... have a nice day boys and girls... :)
peng soon

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