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Sat, 14 Aug 1999 03:01:17 -0700

>At 22:23 130899 -0700, you wrote:
>>Yeah, can't knock it for looking cool, although I don't like its proportions
>>100%. The V-antenna were way too big.
> I live in perpetual fear that the V-fin will break. =) Lucky the kit
>has a spare.

I think the spare was provided for people who paint their kits. Wasn't the
V-fin molded in softer material, like PVC or vinyl?

>>Actually I like the joints tight like that. Some joints were way too loose
>>which reminds me of the almost unposable 1:144 HG RX-78-2. Boy did that kit
> I like tight joints too, but not to the point where the plastics are
>grinding each other away, which is happening to my poor Mk. II.

I haven't noticed that, have to check next time.

>>It is doable, but the pose did not look good enough because the arm would
>>have to fold out more than it should.
> Worse, a fall and the arm can shatter. The bazooka pose was that
>tight, I eventually de-pose the Mk. II.

Yeah. The MG Dom really raises the standard on the MG kits in a big way...

>>Yeah, that does bug me, but I was glad that the clips do not fall off the
>>shield easily, unlike other parts on the Mk-II.
> But the clips are so hard to remove.. =) I think I like the shield
>without the clips better. As you say, the balance will probably be better
>without the clips.

I haven't found a need to remove the clips from the shield - after all,
you've already got one on the rifle already. But the shield will probably
look and balance better without the clips.

>>>>- Headset vulcan:
> Mine will sometimes drop off just by touching the model. I gave up
>on using it already -- but maybe one day I'll go back to apply a film of

Chalk up another part that requires gluing...

>>I had no problem mounting the bazooka, but keeping it balanced was a pain
>>due to the heaviness of the magazine.
> I don't really find that a problem, because I slide the bazooka in
>until it balances. Still, a slight adjustment to the pose and the thing can
>move again.

Mine doesn't really slide - it drops on the heavy (rear) side like an
unbalanced scale. I had to push the bazooka all the way to one side in
order to counterbalance the rear end's mass.

>>Seeing how problematic this kit is, I shudder at the thought of putting
>>together a Super Gundam... how's the damn thing gonna stand up and stay in
>>one piece?
> I think, in fact, the Super might have less problems with the
>backpack then the normal kit; the weight of the G-Defender (did I get that
>right?) should drive the L-spikes deeper into the body. Unfortunately, the
>Super Gundam is probably restricted to standing straight -- the
>backpack/ship is too large and bulky to give it much room to move.

Yeap. Kinda defeats the purpose of the MG kit in the first place, when
it becomes best suited for fixed-pose display.


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