Y. Choe (cmaster@ucla.edu)
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 01:44:26 -0700

> I'm pretty sure [though not 100%] that the game's called Gundam Gaiden.
>It really does look sweet, and it comes out this MONTH!! ^_^ Huzzah!
>if i'm not mistaken the whole thing takes place in first person mode, and
>yes, it does take place is the 0079 time. Once again, if i'm not mistaken,
>it's all about the whole Blue Destiny thing. But then again, I probably
>mistaken. Unfortunately.. I don't have a link to a movie file of this
>masterpiece [I thought I did..] but maybe someone else on the list does..

Probably not. From what I've seen of the few clips and such, it seems to
share a bit with the Blue Destiny Games on Saturn (pretty good games but
quite short)...

The Question is, why no PC Gundam games? Or where there some that bliped
under the radar so to speak? And further more, can this Gundam Gaiden be
ported to PC soon, seeing as how DCast uses WinCE and DirectX for underlying
OS and development/interface respectively? Mmm... Dreamcast... Me, I'm
getting it for VOOT, among others.

Y. "" Choe

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