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>Yeah, can't knock it for looking cool, although I don't like its proportions
>100%. The V-antenna were way too big.

        I live in perpetual fear that the V-fin will break. =) Lucky the kit
has a spare.

>Actually I like the joints tight like that. Some joints were way too loose
>which reminds me of the almost unposable 1:144 HG RX-78-2. Boy did that kit

        I like tight joints too, but not to the point where the plastics are
grinding each other away, which is happening to my poor Mk. II.

>It is doable, but the pose did not look good enough because the arm would
>have to fold out more than it should.

        Worse, a fall and the arm can shatter. The bazooka pose was that
tight, I eventually de-pose the Mk. II.

>Yeah, that does bug me, but I was glad that the clips do not fall off the
>shield easily, unlike other parts on the Mk-II.

        But the clips are so hard to remove.. =) I think I like the shield
without the clips better. As you say, the balance will probably be better
without the clips.

>>>- Headset vulcan:
>Mine popped off once, but if you leave the head alone it tends to stay there.
        Mine will sometimes drop off just by touching the model. I gave up
on using it already -- but maybe one day I'll go back to apply a film of

>I had no problem mounting the bazooka, but keeping it balanced was a pain
>due to the heaviness of the magazine.

        I don't really find that a problem, because I slide the bazooka in
until it balances. Still, a slight adjustment to the pose and the thing can
move again.

>Seeing how problematic this kit is, I shudder at the thought of putting
>together a Super Gundam... how's the damn thing gonna stand up and stay in
>one piece?

        I think, in fact, the Super might have less problems with the
backpack then the normal kit; the weight of the G-Defender (did I get that
right?) should drive the L-spikes deeper into the body. Unfortunately, the
Super Gundam is probably restricted to standing straight -- the
backpack/ship is too large and bulky to give it much room to move.

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