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> > The site in question probably died because of Dream Pod 9's insistance
> > on doing their own system. A lot of the fans of Silouette hate Mekton
> > for some reason...
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> I noticed that. And when I tried asking about Gundam on the JCML, I received
> no replies back. JC is based so much on Gundam, I thought someone out there
> may have a design or two, or some house rules. But when the subject came up
> on how manga like the art is, the DP9 members on the ML quite strongly denied
> that JC was at all "anime" or even remotely Gundam based. Let alone the
> Votoms/Heavy Gear thing.
> Go figure.
> SJ
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I know. One wonders what they'd say if they ever realized that their
precious DP9 staffers were all a bunch of Otaku, and fans of Gundam,
Votoms, and Macross, as well as having started out playing Mekton. I
wonder if the collective members of that ML have their heads up their

Christopher Beilby

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