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>I'm sure many of you are aware of what is happening in the console gaming
>industry next month. 9.9.99. To so many, this means revolution.

True revolution will come with the release of the PSX2, which will introduce
the concept of "Emotion Engine" that incorporates facial expression as an
integral part of the character model (many games are still using just one
bitmap texture for the character's face). Dreamcast is just the most beefed
up graphics cruncher based on the same technology as the PSX and N64. Not
that I am complaining, heck, I've been addicted to Soul Calibur, which really
shows off the system's power. But the game is still Tekken with weapons
at its gut.

>The release
>of the 128 bit Sega Dreamcast. At first, I was like "Mmm, neat. I don't want
>to spend $200 on it." Now that I've played and seen some of the games, I was
>considering buying one sometime. Today, I decided I am buying it. Wanna know
>why? There is a *sweet* looking Gundam game coming out. I really don't know
>much about it, but I've seen a couple screenshots, and having seen what the
>Dreamcast is capable of, this will probably be an awsome game. There's going
>to be a cockpit mode that looks incredible. If I'm not mistaken, it's going
>to be based on 0079.

It's called Gundam 0079: Rise from the Ashes. The main mecha is going to be
once again a GM, but I bet you there will be a Gundam upgrade in the second
half of the game. If Bandai can do half of what Namco did with Soul Calibur,
it will be a visual feast. On the other hand, Sega's own games like Dynamite
Cop 2 or The House of the Dead 2 don't even scratch the surface of the
system's graphical power. I hope the Gundam game won't end up looking like

There is another game featuring crossover mechas, and Gundam was one of the
featured mecha. I think it is more of an RPG game, though.

>And all of us in the US, not to worry. We will not need
>to go buy a Japanese Dreamcast or solder a mod chip in since it's going to be
>part of the "let's get the US into Gundam" campaign.

Hmm, where did you hear that from? A reliable source I hope. Bandai only
released one Gundam game in the U.S. and it did so bad they ended up giving
them away for free; having been burnt I don't really see them too eager to
try again.


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