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> I'm sure many of you are aware of what is happening in the console gaming
> industry next month. 9.9.99. To so many, this means revolution. The
> of the 128 bit Sega Dreamcast. At first, I was like "Mmm, neat. I don't
> to spend $200 on it." Now that I've played and seen some of the games, I
> considering buying one sometime. Today, I decided I am buying it. Wanna
> why? There is a *sweet* looking Gundam game coming out. I really don't
> much about it, but I've seen a couple screenshots, and having seen what
> Dreamcast is capable of, this will probably be an awsome game. There's
> to be a cockpit mode that looks incredible. If I'm not mistaken, it's
> to be based on 0079. And all of us in the US, not to worry. We will not
> to go buy a Japanese Dreamcast or solder a mod chip in since it's going to
> be part of the "let's get the US into Gundam" campaign. If anyone knows
> about this game (i.e. a link to where I could find out more about it)
> let me know.
> -Mike

    I'm pretty sure [though not 100%] that the game's called Gundam Gaiden.
It really does look sweet, and it comes out this MONTH!! ^_^ Huzzah! Anyways,
if i'm not mistaken the whole thing takes place in first person mode, and
yes, it does take place is the 0079 time. Once again, if i'm not mistaken,
it's all about the whole Blue Destiny thing. But then again, I probably _AM_
mistaken. Unfortunately.. I don't have a link to a movie file of this
masterpiece [I thought I did..] but maybe someone else on the list does..


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