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> I'm sure many of you are aware of what is happening in the console gaming
> industry next month. 9.9.99. To so many, this means revolution. The
> of the 128 bit Sega Dreamcast. At first, I was like "Mmm, neat. I don't
> to spend $200 on it." Now that I've played and seen some of the games, I
> considering buying one sometime. Today, I decided I am buying it. Wanna
> why? There is a *sweet* looking Gundam game coming out. I really don't
> much about it, but I've seen a couple screenshots, and having seen what the
> Dreamcast is capable of, this will probably be an awsome game. There's
> to be a cockpit mode that looks incredible. If I'm not mistaken, it's going
> to be based on 0079. And all of us in the US, not to worry. We will not
> to go buy a Japanese Dreamcast or solder a mod chip in since it's going to
> be
> part of the "let's get the US into Gundam" campaign. If anyone knows more
> about this game (i.e. a link to where I could find out more about it)
> let me know.

That Gundam game does look awesome. I am going to buy a Dreamcast, too. I
have been a video game player since the days of the NES, and $200 is great
price for a brand new system. Where did you get the info. that this Gundam
game is coming to the US? That is great news!! You use a GM in the game
instead of a Gundam, in the game, don't you? GM's are cool. I can't wait for
Virtual On 2 (which is probably what VOOT will be called in the US)! The
orginial was an awesome game. The VO engine would work great for a Gundam
fighting game, with some changes to suit the Gundam universe.


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