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>I had assembled the basic mecha of the MG Gundam Mk-II (Titans version)
>when it first came out, and left the backpack unfinished and did not put
>together any of the weapons or accessories until last night. Boy, did its
>perceived quality drop more than a few letter grades.

        Yup. Specific comments follows, but the problems lies mostly with
the arms and backpack. =( Still, a good looking kit.

>The mecha by itself was awesome - a vast improvement over previous MG Gundam
>kits, especially when compared to the original MG RX-78-2. The only real
>gripe I had was that the arms could have used a little more freedom of
>movement in the shoulder area. However, after I finished putting together
>the weapons and other accessories, things started to change.

        I fear for my shoulder joints, because there's a lot of friction in
that area whenever you move the arms. I'm afraid one day the whole arm is
going to pop off because the shoulder joint is worn through..

>- Bazooka:

        I *could* make it carry an over-the-shoulder bazooka, but it is
rather tight and again, damage might occur at the joints. As for the butt
mount, I find the bazooka has a tendency to slide around, and the bazooka
does stick out quite a bit from the sides. Posing the model in a tight space
might be a problem with the bazooka in the back.

>- Beam Rifle:

        I think if you rotate the arm so that the elbow is sideways, the
rifle can be in line with the eyes. The problem with the rifle is that the
grip feels a bit too big for the hands, and as a result the hands don't
really grip the rifle realistically.

>- Shield:

        I didn't really have a problem with posing the arm with the shield
-- maybe your elbow joint is too loose? -- but the two-button shield is a
major irritant. I'm contemplating gluing the shield in the extended position.

        Another possible problem is the housing for the beam rifle clips.
Not only are the holders very tight, making removal of the clips very
difficult, once you place the clips on the shield, there is only a tiny slit
for the Mk. II to look through. This doesn't look very realistic.

>- Beam saber storage:

        Not only that (the loose beam saber storage), the beam saber itself
is in 2 parts, making it very easy to disable your own saber -- and the
transluncent beam saber part doesn't fit very well. You'll need to lop a bit
off the insert tip to make it fit.

>- Headset vulcan:

        It was pretty loose whenever I tried to put it on, and it is often
the first thing (Either this or the shield) to pop loose. As for the
restricted head movement, unless you are really rubber-necking the head, I
don't think it's that bad.

>- LOOSE joints all over:

        The side skirt armour was very bad -- every time I tried to remove
the bazooka clip OR the beam rifle from the hip, the damn thing came off.
The butt mount however, is less of a problem for me -- as the backpack hangs
over it, it's surprisingly difficult to mount the bazooka, but as a bonus,
the bazooka won't pop off on it's own. It'll slide left and right, but it
doesn't pop off that often.

        Another problem area is that the backpack is extremely prone to just
flying off -- the L-shaped clips are really inadequate for holding it on;
two normal polycaps should be better, but requires a bit of re-engineering.
(maybe I'll get another Mk. II. =)

> Compared to the MG Zaku II, the MG Mk-II feels like a boneless slug.

        I agree here. The Zaku II has in itself a b!tch to put together, but
at least it hangs together better than the Mk. II

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