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Sat, 14 Aug 1999 09:26:33 PHT

> >> For example, there is the idea that the .45 caliber was supposed
> >> to have been invented because of muslim jihad soldiers. also the fact
> >Do you mean they invented a bigger caliber to kill more of the Arabs?
> >When was that? Boy you learn something amazing everyday.
>i forget when, but it must have been after the time Spain sold the
>Philippines to the USA. Supposedly, Jihad soldiers were so crazed and high
>on some stuff that .22 and .38 weapons at close range hardly stopped them,
>and rifles were useless at close range because they were lightning fast
>, the .45 caliber was developed for stopping power.
>It's a sort of folk tale here in the Philippines.

it must be a widely spread folk tale then! i was taught that in high school
and college too. aside from being frenzied in the first place, soldiers
also wrapped cords around their muscles (kinda like the ultimate warrior
wrestling on WWF). this kinda (supposedly) acted as a preemptive
tourniquet. what's important is that they DID keep coming and coming no
matter how many times shot.

> >> countries national costume, the barong tagalog, was purposefully
> >> semi-translucent because the spanish colonialists didn't want the
> >> Filipinos having any way to hide weapons on their body. go figure.
> >Another juicy bit :) I've always wondered where the tradition of
> >translucent clothing comes from. I guess the Spaniards are smart enough
> >not to let their prisoners steal MS.
> >CHIN, Chien Ting
>Not that it helped. There is a recorded instance where a big group of men
>armed with bolos CROSS-DRESSED to get into a Spanish army camp. the
>Spanish soldiers actually bought it. and there were many casualties for
>that garrison. When there's a will, there's a way.

all this time i thought the barong tagalog was simply because the weather
was hot. doh!

perhaps today, it's meant to reveal hidden pagers and cellphones? :P

i'll be thinking about hidden bolos the next time i'm wearing a barong to
another wedding!


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