Fri, 13 Aug 1999 19:50:32 EDT

    Thanks for the tip, I probably will get one of the MKIIs as soon as $
arrives..in about a week. Or maybe just wait for NT1 to be released as
well.....so many new kits so little time and $.....(my last kit was MG GP01,
got it and the Fb version at the time when Fb was released, and GP01Fb is
still sitting in the closet unbuilt....sigh..)
> I see what you mean, personally I prefer the Mk-II's sliding shield over
> the GP-01Fb's funky mechanism. They only need to put 2 polycaps for the
> holes to make sure they don't get loose from wear and tear and make the
> shield lighter (the two rifle clips and the arm connector were probably
> what made the shield so heavy).

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