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> BTW, has anyone tried Omega boost? This game is pretty cool, but it is
> extremely boring. Lock on, missles fired, another target. They should make
> gundam game like this. hmm... a 3D "Project V" from SFC
> Felix

    Omega Boost.. Great concept, great graphics, horrible movie-like
cut-scenes, and you're right.. Boring as hell, way too monotonous. It needed
to be more like Macross/Gundam. Swarmers, bazookas, etc etc.. Not just that
beam vulcan gun and lock-on beam missiles. The boss of the second stage I
think it was looked a helluvalot like a Gelgoog[Marine, Cima color scheme]
and the boss of the third stage looked a helluvalot like Scirocco's
Messala[Mobile armor mode, missles in those big ass shoulders and all.]

    ~Gokou, patiently waiting for Digital Misson VFX2 and Gundam Gaiden

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